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“Villa Marina” ANIEP’ wants to thank all people, public and private bodys, associations which tried-and still do- to realize a kind of “workshop” where the traditional tourism criteria - “holiday: time of fun and relax” –may have a confrontation with people with different behaviour, appearance, communicativeness, expressiveness and their rights of going on holidays.

A special thaks to:

  • Gianni Selleri President of ANIEP association who was the one creating and then carrying out the plan of The Idea
  • Aniep, provincial seat of Bologna supporting alone the running weight and the responsabilitys.
  • Carla Battaglia pioneer of battles for disabled persons’ social and civil rights. She devoted herself for 30 years to carry out the plan of “Villa Marina” without sparing herself.
  • All Aniep associations on the national territory , they actually are the regional point of reference for all information
  • All our habitual guests coming back from year to year every summer to meet us again and their friends
  • All the staff showing professionalism as well as willingness involving themselves in all “Villa Marina” activitys
  • “Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna” whose subsidy permitted the reopening after the renovation of the buildings


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